How to Make a Longboard (Old Version)

September 10, 2013



Note: This is the older version of my longboard video. Since then, I have created a new video on how to make a longboard that is higher quality.

After making the cruiser board for my friend, I decided it would be cool to make a longboard. It is basically the same concept as the cruiser board, except you don’t need to make a curve for the tail on this one. I was actually commissioned to build this one for another friend of mine. I bought the wheels, trucks, bearings, and hardware all from a complete kit for only $40.00 and I can honestly say they are pretty good quality for the money. I would definitely purchase them again. As for the grip tape, I picked it up for around $11.00 at the time, but I believe it’s up to $14.00 now. You can get cheaper grip tape, but I’m not sure if the quality will be as good. I picked up 1- 2’x4′ sheet of birch that was 1/4″ thick at home depot for around $10.00 (I would recommend baltic birch if you can get your hands on it). If you’d like to make one yourself, I have a free templates you can download below.

Shopping List:

1- 2’x4′ Sheet of 1/4″ Thick Plywood

1- Bottle of Wood Glue

1-Roll of Grip Tape

1- Set of Trucks and Wheels


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