How to Install a Stage 1 Kit and TQ Converter on a Predator 212cc

August 8, 2023


Today I’m getting prepared to build the second version of my wood go kart by installing a stage 1 kit and torque converter on a Predator 212cc (Hemi). This stage one kit was purchased from BMI Karts, but you can purchase them from almost any go kart store. The main components of this kit include an air filter adapter, performance air filter, .038″ carb jet and a header. The performance air filter and larger .038 carb jet are going to increase the fuel/air going into the engine and swapping out the muffler with the header will allow the exhaust to exit the cylinder with less restriction. All these factors working together should give the engine another 2 to 3 horsepower based off everything I’ve read online. As for the torque converter, I picked mine up from Go Power Sports (30 Series GPS Torq A Verter Kit). I decided to go with a torque converter on the second iteration of the wood go kart over a clutch because I plan on using it off road more frequently. A clutch is good for high speed use such as racing, but a torque convert is better for climbing hills and a lot of stop and go situations. In the video I’ll take you through each step of the assembly which will make it easier than trying to explain it in writing. Within the next few weeks I’m hoping to get started on building the wood go kart version 2 so be sure to stay tuned for that!


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