How to Tune-Up Your Table Saw

January 19, 2021


I’ve notice my table saw has had a tendency to pull the wood off of the fence when I’m making cuts lately. After taking a closer look at my table saw, I realized the blade is no longer parallel with the fence/miter tracks. I thought this would be a great opportunity to show you guys how to tune-up your table saw and make it feel like it’s brand new again! I started by cleaning the cast iron top on my table saw with WD-40 and Scotch-Brite pads. This will remove the bulk of the surface rust off your table. If you need to do something a little more heavy duty, you can get a pad to go on your random orbital sander and this will take care of almost anything. Once you have your top clean, you want to apply something that will protect the top from getting rusty in the future. For that, I recommend a combination of Boeshield T-9 and paste wax. I sprayed a few coats of Boeshield T-9 on my top and let it sit overnight. I came out the next day and wiped off the excess and rubbed in a coat of paste wax to give my saw a nice slick surface. Now I can start adjusting my saw to be square again. I started out by aligning my blade with my miter track using a combination square. Each saw is different, but on mine I loosened the screws that mount the motor in position and made small adjustments until the front of my blade and back of my blade were parallel to the miter tracks. Next, I need to adjust my fence to be parallel to my miter tracks. I did that similar to how I did the blade, There’s adjustment screws on your fence that allow you to toe-in/toe-out your fence. Using my combination square, I set adjusted these screws until my fence was parallel with my miter tracks. Last but not least, I adjusted my fence and blade to be a perfect degrees to the top of my saw. With those final adjustments dialed in, my table saw is working better than ever!


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