How to Make a Workbench

April 1, 2014


This week I decided to downsize my 4’x8′ workbench to a 4’x4′ workbench. I made the bottom shelf extremely low to the ground to increase storage space and I have to say I like it a lot better then all of my other workbenches. It gives me a lot of room for storage underneath and It could make a great spot for somebody with a cnc machine. This workbench is extremely sturdy because of the doubled up 2×4 leg design and is easy to move around the shop with the caster wheels on the bottom. I would highly recommend building this workbench if you have the room in your shop!

Shopping List:

10- 2×4’s at 8′ Long

1- Sheet of 3/4″ Plywood (I used particle board, but would recommend plywood instead)

1- Box of 2.5″ Wood Screws (Used to assemble the frame)

1- Box of 1 5/8″ Wood Screws (Used to attach the plywood to the frame)

1- Bottle of Wood Glue (Titebond II)

4- Locking Caster Wheels

Cut List:

4- 2×4’s at 4′ Long (Front and Back Rails)

6- 2×4’s at 45″ Long (Side Rails and Inner Supports)

8- 2×4’s at 32.5″ Long (Legs – I added 3.5″ tall casters to the bottom to get a 3′ tall workbench)


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