How to Make a Bandsaw Cabinet

April 8, 2014


After building a brand new workbench last week, I didn’t have a place to put my bandsaw anymore. This lead me to make a bandsaw cabinet with an area for storage below. This cabinet is made out of 3/4″ particle board which is held together by pocket hole screws. On the bottom, I added a few scraps of 2×4’s to screw the casters into. I added the casters to the bottom of this cabinet to make it easy to move around the shop. I really like having my tools on casters because it makes them so easy to move around my shop when I’m working. I think anyone with a smaller shop should put all of their tools on casters because of how easy it is to arrange the shop for different projects. After the cabinet was all done, I bolted the bandsaw down to the top and in the cabinet area below and put my spare bandsaw blades on the bottom shelf.


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