How to Make a Magic Wand

July 21, 2014


This week I’m back on the lathe with a chunk of red oak. I have always wanted a wand for my magic kit, but I’m too cheap to buy myself one! I had a piece of 2″x2″ red oak left from a night stand I built before I started the show. I chucked it up on the lathe and started to turn a cylinder. I was worried about breaking the wood once it started getting really thin, because I’ve already spent so much time getting it to that point. Make sure your tools are sharp and everything should go smooth. Once I had the cylinder turned, I measured about 2 1/2″ in on each side and made some notches to resemble the white tips. After sanding and adding wipe-on poly, I cut the wand to size over at the bandsaw. Don’t forget to add some finish on the end of the cut off tips and you can start your magic tricks!


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