How to Make a Bike Stand

September 2, 2014


Last week a viewer asked me if I could build a bike stand. I thought that was a pretty good idea so I gathered up some 2×4 scraps and a few pieces of 2×6 as well. I measured the wheels width and length when it’s on the ground. From here, I cut the wood to size to match the bike. I then cut the corners off the 2×6 on the top size to give it a nicer look. Once all the pieces were cut to size, I attached the all with wood glue and screws. The great thing about this design is it’s highly customizable. By extending the length of the 2×4’s, you can add more 2×6 pieces to hold up more bikes. A design like this can hold not only 1 bike, but as many bikes as you would like.


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