How to Square Up Lumber Without a Jointer

November 18, 2014


This week I’m back in the shop and I’m showing you guys how to square up a board. My neighbor gave me some walnut boards, all I need to do is square them up and they will be all set to go. The boards are about an 1″ thick and the length and width vary in size. Since I don’t have a jointer, I was afraid this would be difficult. First, I set up a straight edge along one end of the board. I ran my circular saw along the edge and made one straight edge to the board. I then brought the board over to the table saw and squared it up. I took my speed square and the board was true on every side. This worked perfectly and all there’s left to do is run it through the planer. I hope this helps anyone who doesn’t know how to square up a board.


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