How to Wood Burn a Christmas Ornament

December 9, 2014


Earlier this week, my uncle’s neighbor gave me a wood burning kit. I’ve always wanted to try wood burning, but I’ve never had a kit to do so. I grabbed a piece of 1/4″ thick poplar and cut a circle on it over at my scroll saw. After sanding it smooth, I brought it inside the house (where it’s actually warm) and started to draw my design. I just penciled in a snowman and the words Merry Christmas. I didn’t have any wood burning experience prior to this, so I made the design simple. I let the tool heat up for a few minutes and began tracing the pattern. There were a few spots I got hung up on, but I think the ornament came out pretty good for my first try. After I was done, I drilled a small hole in the top and finished the wood with some wipe-on polyurethane. This helped bring out the design in the wood and gave it a finished look. Just add some string in the top hole and it was all ready to hang up on the tree. Merry Christmas!


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