How to Make a Magazine Holder

February 17, 2015


This week I’m making a simple magazine ¬†holder for all of my woodworking magazines. I’ve seen a few of these on Pinterest, but instead of a wavy side piece, mine just goes straight down. It think this gives it a cleaner look and a coat of paint wouldn’t hurt either! I made this out of some leftover 1/2″ pine and 1/4″ MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard). In order to make it fit, I measured out my magazine and built the holder around it. Simply cut the pine to size and do the same for the 1/4″ MDF. I didn’t have enough time to give it a paint job this week, but it would definitely spruce up the look of it. I would recommend these for anybody who has a lot of magazines. Maybe make some for you local doctor and dentist offices!


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