How I Installed Molding

March 10, 2015


Originally I wasn’t going to have video this week. I’ve been really busy with installing laminate flooring in my room. When it came time to do the molding, I realized it would be a good opportunity to make a video! I used my miter saw to cut the wood to the correct size and angle. I made all the cuts with 45 degree angles, but I realized the boards didn’t line up as tight as I wanted them. Many viewers introduced me to a technique called coping. If you read the article, it explains that you cut the board to the shape of the molding instead of an angle. This is used for the inside corners in molding and it really opened up my eyes. I’ve never heard of this technique, but after watching a few YouTube videos on it, I was amazed. The results are much better when you use this technique because the walls in the house are never a perfect 90 degrees. Below is a video that was made by a professional who explains the coping technique in full detail.


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