How to Wood Burn a Pocket Watch

May 5, 2015


This week I am wood burning this pocket watch into some scrap pine. If you remember, back in December my uncle’s neighbor gave me a wood burning kit. This week, he gave me a book about wood burning. To start this project out, I scanned the template out of the book onto my computer. I then mirrored the template on the computer and have it available for free in the link below. I used Steve’s Ramsey’s inkjet transfer process and stamped it onto a piece of pine. I traced the outline with my wood burner and burned the pocket watch clock into the wood. I outlined the clock and cut out the shape on my bandsaw. After some light sanding, I finished the project off with some wipe-on poly. This project came out great and I ¬†would definitely like to try more wood burning in the future!


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