How to Assemble the Azusa Mini Bike Kit Part 1 of 2

July 21, 2015


Over the next two weeks I’m going to be assembling the Azusa mini bike kit. I started by cleaning/sucffing the frame with mineral spirits and some steel wool (I scuffed the frame with 600 grit sandpaper to allow the primer to properly adhere to the frame). This gets all the grease off of it which was applied to the frame to prevent the frame from getting surface corrosion on it while it sits on the shelf/ships. Once the frame was all clean, I applied a few coats of primer and then began spraying the red enamel paint. I allowed that to fully cure for a few days before applying the clear coat and now my frame is ready for assembly. I began by connecting the frame to the forks with the supplied nut and bolt. I also assembled the front/rear wheel while I was waiting for the paint to dry on the frame. Simply connect each half of the split rim with the supplied nuts, bolts and washers. Then install the inner tube and the tire around the rim. The back wheel also requires you to connect the sprocket to it and make sure you have the schrader valve on the opposite side of the sprocket. This will allow you to air the tire up without the sprocket getting in the way. I’ll be finishing the assembly next week. If you’d like to make this project yourself, I’ve linked all the parts you’ll need to buy (with the exception of the paint you choose to use) in order to build this mini bike.

Shopping List:

1- Azusa Mini Bike Kit (Make sure you select INCLUDE FRAME and select a wheel size. I went with the 8″ Wheels)

1- 212cc Predator Engine

1- 3/4″ Clutch 12T #35

1- 5/16-24″ Bolt (Bolts onto the End of the Engine’s Crankshaft)

4- 1/4″ Bolts at 2.5″ Long

4- 1/4″ Lock Nuts

8- 1/4″ Washers


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