How to Assemble the Azusa Mini Bike Kit Part 2 of 2

July 28, 2015


This week I’m going to be finishing the Azusa mini bike build. I started out by connecting the front and rear wheels to the frame. This will give me a rolling frame assembly. Next up was installing the seat with the four bolts provided in the kit. From here, I connected the brake lever to the left handle bar and connected the linkage down to the brake itself. You’ll want to adjust the bolt at the bottom to get the brake to fully activate. With the brake installed, I added the rubber hand grips to the handlebars and installed the twist throttle grip on the right side. Now it’s just a matter of bolting the engine down to the frame with the 4- 1/4″ bolts, nuts and washers that you had to purchase separately (I got mine from my local hardware store). If you’d like to make this project yourself, I’ve linked all the parts you’ll need to buy (with the exception of the paint you choose to use) in order to build this mini bike.

Shopping List:

1- Azusa Mini Bike Kit (Make sure you select INCLUDE FRAME and select a wheel size. I went with the 8″ Wheels)

1- 212cc Predator Engine

1- 3/4″ Clutch 12T #35

1- 5/16-24″ Bolt (Bolts onto the End of the Engine’s Crankshaft)

4- 1/4″ Bolts at 2.5″ Long

4- 1/4″ Lock Nuts

8- 1/4″ Washers


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