How to Drill Perfect Holes Every Time

August 18, 2015


This week I’m making these simple drill bit guides. I used a leftover 2×4 that was laying around my shop for this project. Since it had paint all over it, I ran it through the planer to give it a nice smooth surface. I then cut the 2×4 into 3.5″ x 3.5″ sections. Once that was done, I cut out a half moon shape on one side and drilled a hole through the top. It’s very important to make the guides perfectly straight, otherwise all the holes you drill with them will be crooked too. I used a drill press, but a two pieces of scrap wood placed 90 degrees to each other can for a guide to drill straight holes too if you don’t have a drill press .For my guides, I drilled out different size holes to match common bits I used around my workshop. After drilling a hole, I marked each block with the corresponding size for the drill bit to go so I wouldn’t get them mixed up. Hopefully this helps anyone who struggles with drilling straight holes!


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