How to Make a Tool Box

August 25, 2015


Often times local lumber stores will mark down busted or warped boards. Every now and then, you can find pieces of wood that will allow you to build your project by simply cutting around the busted up parts. That’s exactly what I did for this. I purchased 2-12″x4′ long boards for only $3.00. I already had the dowel on hand, so that was free for me, but it would only be a few more dollars to pick up some dowel. My tool box is 18″ long and 8″ high. For the ends of the toolbox, I measure up 5″ and cut off a 45 degree angle. This gave my toolbox a nice looking shape. After that, I cut 2-4.25″ high and 18″ long side pieces. Once that was complete, I drilled out 2-5/8″ wide holes for the handle. These holes didn’t go all the way through the board though, I only went down about 3/8″. Once everything was cut and drilled, I sanded all of the pieces so I would have a nice, smooth box. I then cut my 5/8″ piece of dowel to length and screwed the whole box together.


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