How to Make a Christmas Ornament with Fancy Inlay

December 1, 2015


This week I’m making a Christmas ornament that features my first attempt at inlay. I grabbed some 3/4″ maple that was just laying around and I ordered some 1/8″ maple off of the Inventables website. With the use of Easel, I was able to design this project very easily. I started out by finding a picture of a reindeer on google and imported it into Easel as a vector. From here, I just selected the depth and size and I started carving away. Once I had both pieces cut out, I used some wood glue to hold the walnut in the maple and added some cutting board oil (I ran out of wipe-on polyurethane and lacquer) to give it a nice finish. In order to have it hang on the tree, I added a small eye hook on the top. I really like the way this project turned out and the contrasting woods look really nice. This would be a great project to hang on your Christmas tree so everyone can see it! 


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