How to Make a Table Saw Sled

February 16, 2016


This week I built a table saw sled for my table saw. Table saw sleds are great for making large crosscuts that a normal miter gauge couldn’t handle. I made mine out of a 3/4″ piece of plywood and used some 1/2″ plywood to make the runners. However, I would recommend using hardwood for the runners because they’ll be stronger in the long haul. I used pocket hole screws to attach the front and back fence to the sled and they worked out really well. If you don’t have pocket hole screws, you can always place your screws on the bottom of the sled and drill them up into the fence. If your sled isn’t sliding across the table top like you would like it to, trying adding paste wax to the bottom of the sled. This should make the sled slide over the top of the saw with ease. If that still doesn’t help, then try sanding the runners and reapply the paste wax. That should give you a nice and smooth table saw sled.


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