How to Make a Custom Sports Shelf

April 5, 2016


Earlier in the week I saw a sports themed shelf online. This inspired me to make my own sports themed shelf for all the trophies and medals I have laying around. With some of the leftover wood from the bird feeder project, I went ahead and made this little hockey shelf. It features 7 shaker style pegs to hang your medals from and a 30″ top surface where you can place a few of your trophies. The great thing about this project is how customizable it is. This shelf can easily have a hockey, football, baseball or even basketball theme to it. The key is the two side pieces. For this, I simply searched “hockey player silhouette” online and of course, I came across some great results. I found one that I liked and carved it out on my scroll saw. A little bit of glue and a few nails later, I had myself an awesome shelf. I topped it off with some black paint and this guy is ready to be hung on the wall in my room!


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