How to Make a Fishing Pole Holder

May 10, 2016


This week I made a fishing pole holder for a relative. It holds up to 10 fishing poles at once and casters can be added to the bottom for easy mobility. For this project, I used poplar and it set me back about $55. I started by cutting out all my pieces over at the table saw. I then drilled 3/4″ holes on the piece of wood that supports the upper section of the fishing pole. These holes were drilled towards the edge of the wood, which allowed me to cut a straight line on each side of the hole to get a perfect channel for the fishing pole to go. I then drilled a 10 holes on my bottom board at 1 3/4″. This allows the fishing pole handle to stay secured in place. With all my holes drilled, I assembled all of the pieces and added casters to make this fishing pole holder easy to move. The guy I’m making it for said that he wanted to stain it himself, so my work here is all done. If you’d like to make this project yourself, I left a list of materials you’ll need below as well as a 3D model to reference the measurements I used.

​Shopping List:

1- 1×3- 10′

1- 1×4- 6.5′

1- 1×6- 3′

1- 1×8- 8.5′

Cut List:

2- 1×3’s at 30″ Long (Bottom Rails)

4- 1×3’s at 13.25″ Long (Wheel Supports – Optional)

2- 1×4’s at 30″ Long (Top Rail and Holder for Poles)

1- 1×6 at 30″ Long (Bottom Holder for Poles)

2- 1×8’s at 34″ Long (Sides)

1- 1×8 at 30″ Long (Bottom)


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