How to Make a Custom Sign

May 17, 2016


This week I made a sign for my workshop. For this project, I used some scrap 1/4″ plywood and 3/4″ thick melamine. The first thing I needed to do was blow up my logo to the exact size I wanted the sign to be. For this, I used a program called Adobe Illustrator and it made the process really easy. I like using this program for a lot of my 2D designs. Once I had the template created, I used some spray adhesive and cut out all the parts on my bandsaw/scroll saw. After a light sanding, I spray painted my pieces to the colors that corresponded with my website. From here, I glued the piece on to a piece of 3/4″ melamine that was cut to 12″x48″ on my table saw. Once everything was cut and painted, I hot glued all the pieces in place. I really like the way this project came out and I would encourage anyone who wants a sign in their shop to do the same. I’m really happy with it and it makes a great addition to my shop.


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