How to Make a Finishing Supply Shelf

May 31, 2016


This week I made a shelf to hold all of my finishing supplies. A lot of my finishing supplies was originally held underneath my 10′ long workbench, but I need that space to store other tools now. After seeing Jay Bate’s make a similar finish supply shelf, I thought I would make one as well. This led me to design this 2’x4′ shelf that uses 2 sheets of 3/4″ plywood and 1 sheet of 1/4″ plywood. I started out by cutting my 3/4″ plywood into 5″ wide strips that were 48″ long. After I cut those, I went ahead and cut the strips into their final dimensions. I needed 2 strips to be 46 1/2″ long, 2 more to be 24″ long and 6 more to be 22 1/2″ inches. I used pocket holes and wood glue to hold everything together. I decided to go with a French cleat on the back to easily hang it up on the wall. If you’re interested in making this project, you can download the 3D model of it for free!


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