How to Make a Pedalboard

June 7, 2016


Earlier this week my neighbor asked me if I could build him a pedalboard for his guitar. I thought that’d be a great idea for a project because it is simple and you can save a lot of money by making your own instead of buying one online. For this project, I used solid maple. I used roughly 10′ of 1×6 and 2′ of 1×3. I used the 1×6 to cut 3 pieces at 22.5″ and 2 pieces cut at 16.5″. The 1×3 was used to cut 1 board at 22.5″. I used a tapering jig to cut the angles on the 2 pieces at 16.5″. For the angle, I measure 1.5″ on one end and 4.5″ on the other. This gave me roughly a 10 degree angle. I went ahead and cut a 10 degree angle on the front and back pieces as well. I also notched out 2- 3/4″ deep areas along the 16.5″ angled pieces to accommodate the 2- 22.5″ 1×6 pieces that stretch across the pedalboard. If you would like to see a 3d model of this, you can download it for free below!


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