How to Make a Long Grain Cutting Board

July 12, 2016


This week I was commissioned by neighbor to build six cutting boards in the shape of Michigan. I immediately thought this would be a great project for my CNC machine. This gave me the opportunity to not only talk, but demonstrate the benefits of having a CNC machine for a business. In my case, it was very handy to have a CNC machine for this scenario because it’s able to carve out identical images in multiple pieces of wood. If I were to cut these pieces by hand, it would have taken a lot more time to cut out and wouldn’t have been nearly as accurate. Even though it’s possible to do by hand, having a CNC machine allows me to work on other stuff while the boards are being created. This allows me to be a lot more productive without having to pay other people to help me cut out the boards or take my own time to cut them out.


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