How to Make a Cruiser Board

August 30, 2016


This week I updated my cruiser board video from 2013. It’s the most popular video on my channel to date, but it was only filmed in standard definition. I thought this would be a good opportunity to make a better version of both the board and video. This time around I used a 7 ply construction that consist of 3 different types of Hard Rock Canadian Maple (2 Face Plies, 2¬†Cross Plies, and 3 Core Plies). Using a 7 ply construction will give the board more strength and durability. I found multiple websites online that sell these 7 ply construction packs for skateboards. Whatever website you go with will work great since a penny board is much smaller than a skateboard. To get started, I applied glue to all of my plies and clamped them together using my cruiser board press that I made a few weeks back. This press will act as a mold for the cruiser board. It allows you to give the cruiser board a perfectly straight deck with a nice bend for the tail. After letting the wood glue cure, I released the pressure from the press and now I have the basic shape of my cruiser board. Next, I added my 27″ version of the cutting template and cut it out with a jigsaw. After giving the board a nice sanding, I drilled holes for the trucks to go and finished the board with a tough, water resistant clear coat. I like a little extra grip on my boards so I added grip tape to the top and mounted the trucks to the board. After taking this board for a few test rides, I have to say I’m extremely happy with how smooth and durable the board feels. If you’d like to build your own, feel free to download the cutting templates below!

Shopping List:

1- Set of 7 Plys (Maple)

1- Can of Spar Urethane (Waterproof Finish)

1- Set of Trucks and Wheels

1- Roll of Grip Tape


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