Reviewing the GRR-RIPPER

September 8, 2016


Earlier this week, Microjig sent me a care package! This included a Microjig T-Shirt, MATCHFIT Dovetail clamps, a GRR-RIP Block, the famous GRR-RIPPER and last but not least, the ZEROPLAY guide system. The main two products I want to focus on is the GRR-RIPPER and the GRR-RIP Block. The grip block has a more traditional push block look and feel. The rubber grip on the bottom seemed to grab the wood extremely well and the back side has two tabs that can fold down and assist in pushing the wood through whatever tool you’re using. The GRR-RIPPER on the other hand required a little bit of assembly, but it didn’t take too long. I wanted to test the GRR-RIPPER out on some cuts that the more traditional push blocks typically can’t handle. I made a bunch of test cuts that focused on ripping thin pieces of wood. The GRR-RIPPER was able to support the wood on both sides without feeling like you were compromising the safety of your hands. Standard push blocks often times have trouble ripping super thing pieces of wood because they’re limited to the thickness of them. The GRR-RIPPER seems like the perfect solution for this problem. All in all, I would have to recommend the gripper to people who find themselves making those thin cuts on their table saw. One thing I noticed about all their products is the feel. They all feel like they’re made¬† extremely durable and you can tell they didn’t cut corners on the quality. You get what you pay for and Microjig delivered! Thank you Microjig for sending me some of your products and I really enjoyed testing them out. Be sure to check out Microjig’s website below!


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