How to Make Fall Leaf Candle Holders

September 27, 2016


Earlier in the week I saw some candle holders that were in the shape of leaves. I knew that this would be a great project to make for the fall because it is simple to make and looks great when they’re all done. I started off by applying the different leaf templates to my piece of 3/4″ maple (templates are available for free download). After the template was on, I went over to my scroll saw and cut out all of the pieces. After the pieces were cut to the shape of the leaves, I drilled out 1.5″ wide holes that were 5/8″ deep for the tea light candles to go. I gave the leaves a nice sanding and applied a few coats of Danish finishing oil. The oil really makes the maple pop and these look great once the candles are set in place and lit up. I know this was a simple project, but sometimes the simplest ideas are the best. If you would like to make your own fall leaf candle holders, feel free to download the template below!


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