How to Make Hilarious Halloween Tombstones

October 4, 2016


This week I set out to make some funny Halloween Tombstones. I always get a kick out of these when I see them so I thought it’d be fun to make some of my own. I started out by cutting 2 sheets of 3/4″ thick 2’x4′ plywood down to 16″x24″ pieces. I cut an 8″ radius on the top of all of those pieces. This gives the board a tombstone look. Next, I cut a 1×4 down to 2′ long and ripped it to an 1.5″ wide. These pieces will act as a stake to hold the tombstones in the ground. To help them drive into the ground, I cut a 45 degree angle on the side that will go in the ground. For the bottom of the tombstone, I cut a section of my 3/4″ thick plywood into 4.5″x16″ pieces. I used pocket holes to connect the base plate to the face of the tombstone and nails to hold the stake onto the backside of the tombstone. After a quick sanding, I spray painted them grey and stenciled on some funny sayings in black. Once everything was dry, you’ll want to cover them in a weather resistant clear coat. This will protect them from the elements. I left a list of some funny names/sayings that you can put on your tombstones!

Myra Mains

Rattle M Bones

Chris P. Bacon

RIP Ugg Lee

Colin Sick

Izzy Gone

Yul B. Next

Willy Rot

Albie Back


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