How to Make a Night Stand Charging Station

November 1, 2016


This week I’m making a night stand charging station that can hold my phone, a couple of watches and a pair of sunglasses. For this project, I used 1×6 maple (about 3′ total) to build the entire station. I started out by glueing two of my 1×6’s boards together to get one nice and wide board. This board will be the main piece of the charging station. From here, I went ahead and carved out the design I made on my CNC machine. Don’t worry if you don’t have a CNC machine, I went ahead and made plans that can be cut out by hand as well. Once my main board was carved out, I went ahead and cut the bottom piece that would act as a kick-stand. After a thorough sanding of all the pieces, finished the entire project with Danish oil. After the oil was fully cured, I loaded up the station with my phone, a charging cable, sunglasses and a watch (in my case a paper watch lol). I’m really happy with how this project came out despite the simplicity of it.


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