How to Make a Snowflake Shelf

November 29, 2016


After searching online for Christmas projects to make online, I came across this snowflake shelf idea. Ana White made this shelf last year and I thought this would be a great project to share with all of you guys. This snowflake shelf only ran me about $15.00 in wood and paint. It might cost you a little extra if you don’t already have some wood glue and nails laying around your shop. I started this project by cutting out all of my 1×4 pieces at my table saw. Next, I began laying out all the pieces to makeup the shape of a snowflake. I found it easiest to assemble small sections of the snowflake and then combined the sections together to get the final shape. I used wood glue and nails to give me strong, durable joints. With everything assembled, I gave the snowflake a nice and smooth sanding. I spray painted the snowflake white and added a string on the back side of the snowflake to hang it up on the wall. If you want to make this project yourself, I left a list of materials as well as a cut list. Be sure to check out Ana White’s original version (link below).

Shopping List:

3- 1×4’s minimum

Cut List:

1- 35″ Long (Center)

4- 17″ Long (30 Degree Bevel on one End)

12- 6″ (30 Degree Bevel Parallel to each other)

12- 3.5″ (30 Degree Bevel on one end)


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