How to Make a Vintage Sled

December 13, 2016


This week I’m making a vintage Christmas sled. I started off by making a set of cutting templates for all of the pieces that you’ll need. I then started out by cutting a 6′ long 1×10 down to 43″ in length. This board will be for the sled runner templates to go. However, there is plenty of extra space and that’s were I put majority of the other templates. From here, I grabbed some scrap 1×4 and cut 2 boards at 25.5″ long and 1 board at 32″ long. I attached the seat templates onto those three boards and cut the rest of the boards out as well. After a good sanding, I painted my base pieces red and the seat section white to get a nice and clean look. Once the paint was dried, I assembled everything with a brad nailer. One thing I would recommend adding is a piece of string to the top crossbar to act as a handle. If you plan on leaving this project outside, I would add a few clear coats to protect the wood from the elements (otherwise it won’t last long outside). I hope everyone has a Merry Christmas and I’ll see you all next week for my annual year end wrap up video!


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