How to Make a Miter Saw Station

March 10, 2017


After converting my dust collection system into a 2 stage dust collector last week, I decided it would be a good idea to build something that could accommodate this system in my shop. This led to me create a miter saw station that could not only have a ton of storage, but could allow me to run PVC pipe on the ground behind the cabinets. This workbench will allow me to setup a dust collection system that can run 4″ PVC pipe runs to all of the tools in my shop. To get started, I picked up a bunch of 3/4″ sheets of plywood and had them all cut down to 2’x4′ sections (to fit in my car). Once I had the wood in hand, I start out by cutting it all down to the size my plans call out for. With all my pieces cut up, I began assembling everything using my pocket hole jig. I made both cabinets separate from each other initially (I’ll connect them together later). With the frame of the cabinet made, I nailed in supports for the shelves on the inside of the cabinets and slid them into place. Using hinges, I connected my doors to the front and added handles to all of the doors. With both cabinets done, the last thing to do is measure the height of your miter saw and add a shelf that connects both cabinets together. This allows you to make cuts on your miter saw with the wood being supported on each side. If you like this design, I left a shopping/cut list as well as a 3D model of the miter saw station to help you build your own!

Shopping List:

6- 4’x8′ Sheets of Plywood at 3/4″ Thick

1- Box of 1 1/4″ Screws

2- Boxes of 1 1/4″ Pocket Hole Screws (100 Count)

4- Sets of Hinges

4- Door Handles

1- Pack of Magnets (8 Magnets Required)

1- Epoxy Tube

Cut List:

2- 2’x4′ (Top)

2- 46.5″x24″ (Bottom of Cabinet)

4- 35.25″x2′ (Sides with a 6″x6″ notch on the back and a 6″x3/4″ notch on the front)

2- 48″x6″ (Cabinet Bottom Brace – Front)

2- 46.5″ (Cabinet Bottom Brace – Back)

12- 3″x22 7/8″ (Cabinet Braces)

2- 24″x28.5″ (Center Divider)

4- 24″x30″ (Doors)

8- 22 7/8″x24″ (Shelves)

18- 2″x2′ (Shelf Supports – 2 are for the miter saw shelf)

1- 24″x24″ (Miter Saw Shelf – Cut a 6″x6″ Notch on the backside for your dust collection hose)


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