How to Make an Entrance Table

April 18, 2017


After getting a recommendation to make a furniture project on last weeks video, I decided this week would be a great opportunity to do so. I ended up designing and building this entrance table to sit by the front door in our house. For this project, I went with solid oak. I began by cutting out all of my pieces over at my table saw. I’ve included a shopping/cut list and a 3D model of this table if you would like to build your own. After all my pieces were cut to size, I used dowel joinery to join everything together. I’ve became a huge fan of this technique lately because of it’s strength and the ability for the dowels to go unseen when it’s all glued up. Instead of attaching the top with dowels and glue, I used metal brackets to connect the top of the table to the base. This should allow both parts to expand and contract without causing either of them to crack. With the table completely assembled, I sanded it smooth and applied a few coats of wipe-on polyurethane. This table came out a lot better than I thought it would and I couldn’t be happier.

Shopping List:

2- 1×2’s at 8′ Long

2- 1×4’s at 8′ Long

1- 1×6 at 8′ Long

1- 1×8 at 9′ Long (You’ll need a little more than 9′)

1- Pack of Dowel Inserts (For Dowel Joinery)

1- Can of Wipe on Polyurethane

Cut List:

1×2 Lumber:

2-10.5″ (Horizontal Side Rails)

6-20″ (Vertical Side Rails)

1×4 Lumber:

4-28″ Long (Legs tapered to 1.75″)

2-10.5″ Long (Skirt Ends)

2-39″ (Skirt Sides)

1×6 Lumber:

2-44.5″ Glued to make a 44.5″x 10.5″ board (Bottom Shelf)

1×8 Lumber:

2-48″ Glued together to make a 48″x14″ board (Top)


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