How to Make the Game Washers

May 9, 2017


Summer is sneaking up on us soon, so this week I decided to build a game that could be played during family barbecues, graduation parties or even hanging out with friends on the weekend. This game is called washers. The rules are simple: a washer in the cup is worth 3 points, a washer in the box is worth 1 point and if both players get washers in the box – they cancel out. I started out by cutting all my 1×4’s and plywood down to size. Using wood glue and 1 5/8″ wood screws, I glued and screwed the boxes together. For the center cup, I got a 3″ PVC pipe coupler and epoxied it into the center of the box. Using a nail and some chain, I attached the chain to one side of each box. This ensures the cup centers are always placed 25′ apart. I like to fill the boxes with sand, but some people like to keep leave them bare. Last but not least, I painted half my washers blue and the other half white (you can use whatever color you want). I left a link to the official rules if you’d like to read up on them more, but it’s a pretty simple game to play. I hope you all enjoy this game over the summer!

Shopping List:

2- 1×4’s at 8′ Long

1- 2’x4′ 1/2″ Sheet of Plywood

​2- 3″ PVC Couplers

8- 5/8″ Washers

1- Bag of Sand

1- Box of 1 5/8″ Wood Screws

23′ and 8″ of Chain (This will ensure the boxes are 25′ apart on cup centers)

2- 1″ Nails


Water Resistant Clear Coat

Spray Paint (2 Colors of your choice)

Cut List:

4- 1×4’s at 16″ Long

4- 1×4’s at 14.5″

2- 16″x16″ Sheets of 1/2″ Plywood


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