How to Make a Gaming Desk (Old Version)

May 26, 2017


Ever since my friend help me build a computer last summer, my desk no longer was able to fit both of my monitors on it. I needed something larger that could handle both monitors with ease and I wanted a good way to manage all of the cables that go along with having a computer. I came up with this modern design that only uses 2 sheets of 3/4″ oak plywood and 2- 1 1/4″ oak dowels. I started by cutting all the plywood down to size over at my table saw. For the pieces that required a rounded corner, I used a jig saw to cut a smooth curve. I assembled the left and right lower shelves using dowel joinery and screws (I only used screws on the back side of the desk so they couldn’t be seen). With both sides assembled, I joined them together by adding in the center piece. I was originally only going to use dowels to join them, but I decided to beef up the center piece with some brackets as well. With the base assembled, I glued down the top of the desk and used a few small dowels to help align everything. Before I stain the desk, I wanted to add edge banding to the unfinished edges of the plywood. This gives the plywood a more finished look rather than just having the edges of the plywood unfinished. As for the finish, I decided to tryout a product called polyshades (stain and polyurethane combined). I’m extremely happy with the way the finish came out and I’ll probably use it again in the future. After the finish cured, I brought the desk inside and setup all my gear. This desk is gonna work great for editing my videos and playing a few games in my spare time. If you’d like to build this desk, I’ve included a shopping/cut list as well as a 3D model below!

Shopping List:

2- 3/4” Thick Sheets of 4’x8’ Oak Plywood

2- 1 1/4” Oak Dowels at 3′ Long

1- Box of 1 5/8” Wood Screws (Preferably Black)

1- Box of 5/16” Dowel Inserts (50 Count)

1- Bottle of Wood Glue

2- Cans of Classic Black Glossy Polyshades (1 Quart Cans)

2- Rolls of Edge Banding

7- 2″ Cable Management Grommets

Cutting List:

3/4″ Thick Plywood:

2- 24”x30 3/4” (Sides)

2- 14 3/4”x30 3/4” (Backs)

1- 5 3/4”x29” (Middle Bottom)

1- 29”x30 3/4” (Middle Front)

5- 14 3/4”x23 1/4” (Shelves)

1- 24”x60” (Top)

1 1/4“ Dowels:

4- 9 3/4” (Left Top and all of the Right Sides)

1- 20”(Left Bottom Side)


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