How to Make a Saw Blade Shop Clock

June 27, 2017


I’ve always wanted one of the saw blade shop clocks in my workshop, but I didn’t want to simply go out and buy one of the cheap ones. I wanted one that was authentic and made from a real saw blade. To get started, I removed the branding on the front side of the saw blade with my angle grinder and a wire brush attachment. This did a great job of cleaning it as well. From here, I applied number templates and masked off the rest of the saw blade with masking tape. I applied a few coats of black spray paint and peeled off the templates. As for the clock mechanism, I found one on amazon (Clock Mechanism) that fits perfectly in the center of the saw blade. After installing it, I set the time and hung the clock up on the wall. Not only was this cheaper to make than the fake saw blade clocks, but it’s an authentic blade that I’ve used in my shop.


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