How to Make Garage Shelves

July 4, 2017


This week I’m building shelves in my parents garage. I designed these shelves to hang down from the ceiling in order to take advantage of the space that is otherwise unused. The great thing about hanging shelves is you can still use all the space on the ground below them. Since almost every garage is different, it’s hard to come up with a single set of plans and dimensions. With that said, I’ve left a shopping/cut list below to help guide you. Before you set out to build these shelves, you’re going to want to get a stud finder. This will ensure your shelves stay hanging for years and years to come.

Shopping List

23- 2×4’s At 8′ Long

3- 4’x8′ Sheets of 3/4″ Thick Plywood

1- Box of 1 5/8″ screws (For screwing the plywood to the 2×4’s)

2- Boxes of 3″ screws (For assembling the 2×4 frames)

2- Boxes of 3.5″ Wall Anchoring Screws (For mounting the shelves to the wall/ceiling)

Cut List

10- 2×4’s at 8′ Long (Main Shelves and Ceiling Mounted Braces)

26- 2×4’s at 21″ Long (Shelf Supports)

5- 2×4’s at 45.5″ Long (End Shelves and Ceiling Mounted Braces)

6- 2×4’s at 48″ Long (Drop Down Ceiling Braces)

12- 2’x4′ Pieces of 3/4″ Thick Plywood (Shelves)


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