How to Make Wood Sunglasses

August 1, 2017


After being asked by a good friend of mine, I gave my best shot at making a pair of wooden sunglasses this week. For this project, I used a small chunk of scrap maple (Any hardwood will work fine) to construct the frame. Keep in mind that this project doesn’t require a lot of wood, so it’s a good chance to use an exotic piece. I started out by attaching my template to my piece of wood and cut out all my pieces on my scroll saw. Once I had my frame cut out, I had to use a Dremel to cut the slots for the lenses to clip into place. For my lenses, I used an old pair of sunglasses that I had laying around the house. After some work with the Dremel, I was able to clip the lenses in place.  After a lot of sanding, you’ll want to finish your sunglasses with a clear coat (I used wipe-on poly) and installed the lenses. Now the last thing I need to figure out is a way to connect the sides with the main frame. For this, I borrowed Steve Carmichael’s idea and cut up a cheap pair of reading glasses and epoxied the hinges to the wooden frame and side pieces. This seemed to work out pretty well. I’ll be sure to leave a link to his video since it helped me a lot when I built my pair. If you’d like to build a pair for yourself, I’ve included a cutting template to help you out!


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