How to Make Slatted Pumpkins

September 26, 2017


With the fall season here, I decided it would be a good time to work on some fall themed projects. This week I built slatted wood pumpkins out of 6- 1×4’s that were 6′ long, 2 cans of orange spray paint and 1 can of green spray paint. I started by cutting the pieces for each pumpkin. The large pumpkin is 36″ high, the medium pumpkin is 24″ high and the short pumpkin is 16″ high. Looking back on this project after I built it, I would’ve made the largest pumpkin around 32″ tall though. After cutting all the boards to size, I dog-eared the corners of each pumpkin to give them a more rounded look. Using a hammer and nails, I nailed everything together (don’t attach the stems yet). I painted all of the pumpkins orange and painted the stem pieces green. Once everything was painted, I finished the assembly by nailing on the stems and using pocket hole screws, I attached the base to the pumpkins. This was a fun project to get into the Fall spirit and I’ll have more Halloween projects to come next week!


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