How to Make an Electric Chair

October 3, 2017


This week I’m kicking the Halloween builds into full gear with this electric chair lawn decoration. I started out by cutting all of my lumber to size over on my table saw. For the frame, I used pocket hole screws to assemble all of the 2×3’s. The seat slats were simply glued into place and the chair was ready for paint. After a few coats of brown spray paint, the wood portion of the chair was complete. From here, I disassembled a work light and some flexible electrical hose (3/4″ hose). Using epoxy, I glued one of the adapters that came with the flex hose into the top of the work light. This allowed me to stick the hose in there. For the arm/leg braces straps, I used hole straps and gave everything a few coats of silver spray paint. Once it was all dry, I epoxied the two ends of the hose to the work light and glued magnets onto the chair (to allow the hole straps to be taken on/off with ease). I’m SHOCKED by how good this project turned out and would recommend it for all those Halloween enthusiasts out there!

Shopping List:

4- 2×3’s at 8’ Long

6- 1×4’s at 8’ Long

1- 1×6 at 6’ Long

1- 6’ Section of Flexible Electrical Conduit

1- Clamp/Work Light

1- Black Silk Pillow Case (Head Cover)

4- Hole Straps (2 at 2.5” and 2 at 4”)

4- Cans of Brown Paint (Brush or Spray)

1- Can of Silver Spray Paint

1- Tube of Epoxy

Cut List:

2- 2×3’s at 53.5” (Back Legs)

2- 2×3’s at 27” (Front Legs)

2- 2×3’s at 19.5” (Side Supports)

2- 2×3’s at 20” (Front/Back Supports)

2- 2×3’s at 22” (Arm Rests)

1- 2×3 at 23” (Top of Chair)

17- 1×4’s at 23” (Chair Slats and Leg Brace)

2- 1×4’s at 19.5” (Arm Rest Sides (Ripped down to 2.5” Wide)

1- 1×6 at 23” (Top of Chair Head Rest)


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