How to Insulate your Garage Door

December 12, 2017


With another cold winter coming this year, I decided it’s time to insulate my garage door before it’s too late. Fortunately, they make a kit that’s very affordable and super easy to install by yourself. Each kit costs $90.00 and it will cover a single car garage door. Since my garage is a 3 car garage, I needed 3 of these kits which ran me about $270.00. To get started, you’ll need to attach 2 clips to each section of the door. Once your clips are attached, you’ll need to measure each section of your garage door and cut the pieces of insulation to size (I recommend oversizing the cut in order to get a snug fit in the door). After they’ve been cut, you simply push the insulation into place and cut a small hole for the back clips to stick through. Adding another clip to the front side will secure the insulation to the door and now it’s just a matter of repeating this process for the rest of the door. I’ve left a link below to the kits I used if you’d like to do this in your garage.


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