Review of the MATCHFIT Dado Stop Pro

December 23, 2017


This week MICROJIG sent me another cool jig for my shop called the MATCHFIT Dado Stop Pro. The first thing I noticed is the quality. Once again, MICROJIG has gone above and beyond in making the Dado Stop Pro feeling extremely durable and well constructed. However, all of that means nothing if it doesn’t give us what we all want! TIGHT DADOS!! So I started to go through the setup process of this little jig and it was fairly simple. Keep in mind, the initial setup is going to take the longest and after that it will be ready to go. To test this jig out, I’m going to be doing some half lap joints in a scrap piece of maple. After making dados in both of my pieces, it’s time to see how tight this joint turned out. Just as I expected, the half laps fit together beautifully with no gaps. Now that I’ve put this tool to the test, I can confidently say that I recommend this project to anyone who is going to be making a lot of dado cuts on thinner pieces of wood. This product works just as advertised and I’m glad to add it to my arsenal! If you’d like to check it out more, I’ve left a link to it below!


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