How to Make a Pond Hockey Goal

January 2, 2018


This year I’m going to start everything off with a pond hockey project! A pond hockey goal is great for when you want to play pond hockey, but you can’t find a goaltender. All you need to make this is 4- 2×6’s boards that are 8′ in length and a box of 3″ long exterior screws. I started out by cutting 2 boards to 72″, 2 boards at 24″, 2 boards at 45″ and 3 boards at 2.5″. The 72″ (back/crossbar) and 24″ (sides of goal) boards can be used to make the box portion of the goal and the 45″ (goalie front/back) and 2.5″ (goalie middle braces) boards are used to construct the “goalie” in the center. Once you’ve screwed everything together with your 3″ exterior screws, you can combined both piece together by attaching the goalie portion to the crossbar. This should leave a 12″ opening on each side of the goal. Those 12″ openings are how you score goals. Now you’re all set to take this guy out to the ponds and play some games with your friends!


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