How to Make a Router Bit Case

February 13, 2018


This week I’m getting all of my router bits organize with this easy to build router bit storage case. All you need to build this project is 2- 1×4′ pieces of pine at 8′ long, a sheet of 1/4″ thick 2’x4′ plywood and a piece of 12″x12″ plexiglass. I started by ripping my 1×4’s down to 3″ wide and then cut 7 pieces at 11.25″, 3 pieces at 4″ and 1 piece at 12″ long. I cut the plywood and plexiglass to 12″x12″ (front and back). I assemble the main frame using some 1 5/8″ wood screws and attached the plywood/plexiglass to the frame with some 3/4″ long screws. The trays required 1/4″ holes at 3/8″ deep on 3- 11.25″ pieces to hold the router bits (my router uses 1/4″ shank bits). Once you have all your trays drilled and assemble, you can put your router bits into place and slide the trays into the case. Now you have a nice little case to hold all of your current and future router bits!


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