Reviewing the NewAir G73 Electric Heater

February 21, 2018


A few weeks back, I was contacted by NewAir to see if I was interested in reviewing the G73 Electric Heater. Living in Michigan during the cold winters made this a hard offer to pass up. Before I knew it, this heater was at my front door! Since this heater runs off of a 240v line and I’m not that good with electrical work yet, I had an electrician install the heater for me. This heater gets hard wired in directly from the new line so I had him add a switch so I can turn it on and off from the ground. The G73 Electric Heater runs off of 240 volts, 5000 Watts and 20.8 Amps. The heating capacity for this little guy is 17060 BTU’s (British Thermal Units) and it pushes 200 CFM (Cubic Feet per Minute). After testing out the new heater, I was able to heat the garage up about 12 degrees within an hours time. This makes a huge difference in the winter months and I look forward to having a toasty shop in the years to come. I’m glad to say that I recommend this heater for anyone who is in the market for an electric heater and if you use code “ERIC” you’ll get a 20% discount on this heater (This code has since expired).


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