How to Make a Gaming Desk

February 2, 2019


Today I’m building another desk for editing videos or playing your favorite games. The desk I built a few years back is still holding up great, but my PC setup has outgrown that desk. When I set out to build this desk, I knew that I wanted absolutely no wires showing when it was all said and done. This was extra challenging considering the slim, sleek look of this desk. I started out by designing the frame, which is made out of solid oak for the strongest structure possible. At my table saw, I cut up all my oak lumber down to its final dimensions. Using dowel joinery, I glued up my front and back rails to my 2″x2″ wide oak legs. Once the glue cured, I did the second glue up, which include the side rails that connect the front and back as well as the supports for the inner shelf. For the third and final glue up, I added false fronts to the front side of the desk. I did that to make the desk appear to have drawers when it really doesn’t (I had to sacrifice drawers for good cable management). I finished the oak with 3 coats of satin black polyshades to get a nice, smooth finish. After letting the finish cure, I attached some drawer pulls to the front to really sell the look of the fake drawers. With the base of the desk done, I moved onto the 3/4″ melamine top, where I drilled 2″ holes for each of my monitors and 1″ holes for my speakers to go. For the inner shelf, I cut another piece of melamine and drilled a 2″ hole on each side to allow my computer to be placed on whichever side I would like. Now it was just a matter of bringing everything inside and setting up my computer. Words can’t describe how happy I am with the final look of the desk. If you’d like to make this desk for your setup, I’ve left a 3D model of the desk and a shopping/cut list to help you get started!

Shopping List:

1- 1×2 Piece of Oak at 8’ Long

1- 1/2″x3.5″ (Actual Dimensions) Piece of Oak at 5.5′ Long

4- 2″x2″ (Actual Dimensions) Pieces of Oak at 30” Long

2- 1×6 Pieces of Oak at 8’ Long

1- 4’x8’ Sheet of 3/4″ Thick Melamine

2- Drawer Handles

1- Pack of Dowel Inserts

1- Can of Stain/Clear Coat (I used Satin Black Polyshades)

2- 1” Grommets (I ordered some on amazon)

5- 2” Grommets (I ordered some on amazon)

Cut List:

5- 1×2’s at 18.5” Long  (Inner Supports)

2- 1/2”x3.5” (Actual Dimensions) at 32.25” Long (False Fronts)

4- 2″x2″ (Actual Dimensions) at 28.75” Long (Legs)

2- 1×5’s at 66″ Long (Front/Back Rails)

2- 1×5’s at 17″ Long (Side Rails)

1- 23”x72” Melamine at 3/4″ Thick (Top)

1- 18.5”x66” Melamine at 3/4″ Thick (Inner Shelf)


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